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After developing and modeling 3D virtual prototypes, we produce prototype hardware. Nostromo has a partner network that allows us to build and test ordnance for our clients.


We collaborate with skilled suppliers and organize delivery and assembly of prototypes for testing. We normally begin with completion of a virtual 3D model that we subject to simulating function in harsh operational environments. This modeling, coupled with key bench tests, reduces risk and allows our team to proceed to testing of actual prototypes.


Ballistic Analysis, Support and Software Tools

Nostromo has an experienced engineering staff with Program Managers, Aeronautical, Mechanical and Energetics Experts and has the engineering tools to support ammunition development.

Nostromo’s engineering tools include Solidworks Professional®, PRODAS™, PTC (Nostromo Proprietary), LS/Dyna, FEMAP® and Cheetah 9.0®


Testing and Test Support

Planning and execution of test events maximizes data collection and provides the client with confidence to transition products to use.


Nostromo has experience planning tests, completing test reports and working side by side with range teams, collecting data to verify ballistic performance against product and qualification requirements.


Technology Transfer

The innovation and the capability to produce modern designs often requires transfer of modern, cost effective production technologies to facilitate local production.


We have long experience in transferring niche technologies that we either incorporate into products and concepts or we transfer our own developed technology to partners. This requires expertise and know-how in ITAR, licensing, underlying patents, and constituent technologies. 


Typical Deliverable Items

Work efforts and deliverable items normally include 3D models subjected to CFD, kinematic, FEA and thermal flow models leading to a Preliminary Design Review. After completion of a review, and conducting requisite testing we commence the detailed engineering culminating in a Critical Design Review and testing of prototypes.

Typical Items

Energetics and Ordnance

Nostromo assists clients in the development of reliable ignition trains beginning with fuzes and sequences that reliably initiate detonation in all environments


Selection of energetics materials for ordnance is heavily influenced by customer supply chain preferences and requirements. Single, double and triple based propellants have attributes allowing for optimization of performance in propulsion systems. New available explosives are influenced by requirements, safety and purchasing preferences. 


Nostromo will help you select excellent primers and propellant combinations, to reliably initiate propellant burning and deliver projectiles to a target. 


Nostromo has experience in developing processes for pressing, casting, melt pour and other unique loading techniques.


Ignition, color and output intensity of pyrotechnic reactions must be balanced with a myriad of considerations to include environmental impact, health and human safety, cost, packaging and shelf life.


Munitions Safety (IM)

Munitions Safety provides a survivability edge for military ships, aircraft and vehicles, and commercially the technology can reduce logistics costs by obtaining a UN hazard classification that has lower shipping costs.


To provide munitions safety improvements Nostromo is licensing our VentX® propulsion and warhead venting technology designed for medium caliber ammunition. The patented technology uses combinations of eutectic (fusible) materials, combinations of non-fusible and fusible materials or smart memory metals.

Muntons Safety

What We Do

Fabrication Lab

Nostromo’s lab for prototype production and for testing out automation equipment and processes for high quantity production


Nostromo develops cutting edge new technologies and several iterations of prototypes and testing are required to get to the final design.  Our fabrication lab is used for small scale prototype production and to develop and test out automation processes and equipment.

Fabrication Lab
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