The R2 round has the ballistic match of a regular round up to a certain distance. Then it will become unstable, tumble and fall to the ground. 

  • The core of the bullet consists of an alloy with a low temperature melting point

  • The friction of the bullet through the barrel generates heat

    • The jacket is heated

    • The heat is transferred through the jacket and liquefies the core close to the jacket

    • Eventually the rear portion of the bullet is liquified all the way through

  • The bullet becomes unstable, tumbles and falls to the ground

US Patent 9,952,024

R2 LOGO (1).png

New FragX technologies, based on our US Patent 9,759,533.


New secure un-jammable programming technology and programmer kits to transfer data to ordnance at muzzle exit. 


Technologies to precisely aim ordnance, for effect on target from US Patents 8,319,164, 9,600,900, 9,574,837 and 10,514,234.


Technologies to improve safety and reduce shipping costs for ordnance, developed from US Patent 9,410,782  8,925,463 and 8,573,127


Technologies to reduce the cost and impact of training with ordnance.