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Nostromo work closely with our customers to deliver cutting edge concepts and prototypes.

Nostromo has designed the whole range of 40mm ammunition for CBC Defense:

• Design of 5 Different Cartridges

• Patented Intellectual Property

• Supply Chain Development

• Test Support


Nostromo provided project engineering for Reterro, a Start-up in the Environmental Remediation Space. The Reterro remediation team processes contaminated soil and waste in ISO containers on site eliminating the need to haul soils to off-site incinerators.

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Nostromo designed a UAV for the Spanish systems company Indra.  

Modeling to include extensive aeronautical airflows

  • Design Packages including bills of material, 2D drawings and specifications

  • Specifications

  • Support of Flight Trails

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U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center is the Army’s primary research and development center for new and existing armament systems. They partner with a wide variety of organizations, including industry, academia and other government agencies to accelerate the development and transition of new.

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Program Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems develops, equips and sustains integrated lethal direct fire ammunition effects to enable joint and Allied warfighters overmatch in the battlefield.

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The Joint Enhanced Munitions Technology Program’s mission is to advance ordnance science and technology to deliver Joint Service solutions that enhance performance and readiness of DoD munitions ensuring Warfighter superiority.



The DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium’s mission is to enhance our Warfighter’s lethality, survivability and combat effectiveness by facilitating the industrial and academic research, development and technology demonstrations needed to advance and expand our military technological superiority.

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